"Client Time" increased 32x


    We're using LR Analysis 9.52, we noticed in our lates results that transaction times are noticeable higher comparing to older results. Interestingly we didn't change the scripts. We found that the reson behind this is 'Client Time' that increased ~32x:

Load Test 22Feb:

  • Client Time:            0.018s
  • Std. Deviation:        0.004s
  • Transaction Time: 0.17s



Load Test 20Mar:

  • Client Time: 0.951s
  • Std. Deviation: 1.504s
  • Transaction Time: 1.1s



Here's definition of Client time: "Displays the average amount of time that passes while a request is delayed on the client machine due to browser think time or other client-related delays."


What might be causing such difference between 2 results executed using same script?