Limitations of LR Analysis MSDE

When running LR analysis against a results file > 2GB, LR analysis fails. I have read on the LR analysis help files that in such circumstances I should install SQL Server / MSDE. I have installed MSDE from the LR 8.1 add-in components. I have tested the installation of this and have got as far as successfully testing the config on the database tab at Tools>options on LR analysis. I am now encountering a 'login failure' message. However, before I spend time trying to resolve this issue I have read on some web sites and on a post on sqaforums that MSDE cannot handle a results file greater than 2GB ( the same limitation on the existing LR Analysis Access 2000 DB engine). What is the results file limitation on MSDE? If it is 2GB can you recommend a solution that can handle files > 2GB and what is the limitation of this solution? I am producing results files of 8GB and greater as I am running extended soak tests. Thanks.