Limit controllers/load generators available to a project

We've got another group in our company that would like to make use of our PC environment ( currently at 11.52 ).  We're happy to help them with this, but we'd like to limit them to 1 controller and 1 load generator.  I've been looking through manuals/help files, and am not seeing how to accomplish that.


I'm currently thinking that this group would get its own project, possibly its own domain.  


Any suggestions?


Marc Robertson

DST Technologies

  • This is easily done.


    In Site Admin, create the domain and project that they would use.  Only assign those users who are to have access to this project.  Next, in Lab Management you will need to set up a Host Pool, assign at least one controller, one Data Processor, and however many Load Generators they need to be in that Host Pool.  Finally assign the project to that Host pool and then they will only have access to the systems you assign to that Host Pool.


    Craig Drummond

    HP Premier Support, Technical Account Manager