Failed to add PC Server to ALM

Steps for the error...


1.  ALM Installed properly on win 2003 server

2. PC Extension runPCQCconfigurator.bat Executed in ALM platform

3. PC server installed in another win 2003 server

4. While configuring i did following

    a. Given proper win authentication details

    b. Proper ALM url provided

    c. Passpharse given same as the ALM

    d. used PC Extrnal url: http://<PC server IP address>

    e. used PC Internal url: http://<PC server IP address>

5. Am getting error "Failed to add <hostname> to alm url http://<ALM url>


Am unable to complete the PC Server configuration.....


Finally i used Configure later option and received error log with "Failed to POST Lab server"


and also i have tried to configure PC server from Lab Management, am getting error "Failed to pinging url http://<PC Server>/pcs/labserver.svc?wsdl"


Note: DB Name in ALM Database is default_lab_project_db


Can any one respond, what is the issue? How can i resolve this?


Attached server log and error screen shot for reference.... 




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