Global settings .ini missing for JSON to XML DFE, so JSONtoXML DFE fails to execute when recording

As a previous user of LR 9.52, I've just completed a clean install of LoadRunner 11, and installed the patches available for LR, VuGen, etc.  For my script under development, I am able to create the DFE chain I need (although the UI does not match the sparse documentation I could find - which mainly consists of the .wmv demonstrating the chain configuration UI).  However, the minimal-to-non-existent documentation for DFE setup/config in general is not the primary issue here.


The issue is:  When I try to record my Web (HTTP/HTML) protocol script, the JSON in my web_submit_data event does not get formatted to XML.


Examining the Generation Log, I see the following:



DFE - NOTIFY: Init: Extension "Base64 Extension" loaded successfully with global settings "Base64Dfe.ini".
DFE - NOTIFY: Init: Extension "HttpHeaders Extension" loaded successfully with global settings "HttpHeadersMap.ini".
DFE - NOTIFY: Init: Extension "Json to Xml Extension" loaded successfully with global settings "".
DFE - NOTIFY: Extension: Prefix/Postfix DFE
Successfully initialized extension from settings file: "PrefixPostfixSettings.ini"
Prefix: ""
Postfix: ""
CaseSensitive: true


Note the empty quotes for the global settings at the end of the "Json to XML Extension" load message.


I looked for the .ini files (such as Base64Dfe.ini) for the other protocols as listed above, and found them in:

      C:\Program Files\HP\LoadRunner\DfeConfig\extensions\Settings


However, there is no global settings .ini file for the Json to XML Extension!  I've looked for it (or what it I am guessing it's name would be) everywhere on the system and install image files. No joy.


I do see the JsonXmlDfeConfig.ini file, in the C:\Program Files\HP\LoadRunner\DfeConfig\extensions folder.  However it's global settings file is nowhere to be found. 


Examining the contents of the JsonXmlDfeConfig.ini file, it contains the line below:




So it is pointing to...nothing.


All the other xxxDfeConfig.ini files have the ExtensionGlobalSettings line point to a global config file in the \Settings subfolder.  The JsonXmlDfeConfig.ini file is the only one that does not. 


Without this global settings file, I am dead in the water and under great time-pressure.  Anyone know where I can find this file?  Anyone else seen this issue? Was this ever working?  Help!!







  • Superb problem statement!


    Sadly, I cannot directly help you - this feature is new with LR11 so you may very well have documented a bug, but I can't say for sure. I would copy and paste this text into a support request if you have not already done so - I would expect such a clearly defined issue to be resolved quickly.


    However, in the mean time you do not need to have this feature. You can continue to work using plain old JSON format, this should work just fine. The XML extention just makes parametisation and general data mangement easier.


    The reason JSON strings are messy in LR is becasue the parameter delimeters for a LR variable are {}. Obviously these are also reserved by JSON so you get a conflict. You can get around this by either:


    1. Changing the default params that LR should use (somewhere in the options - not too hard to find).

    2. Building the JSON string using various params before the request, concattenating them together and then submitting the whole JSON string as one paramter as part of the actual web_submit_data().


    Neither especially arduous, the second should definately work, the first is not certain but theorectically good. Also, have a look around the web, there's a few other people talking about this. You might find it useful.

  • I also encountered the same problem. Do you solve it? How to solve it?