Global settings .ini missing for JSON to XML DFE, so JSONtoXML DFE fails to execute when recording

As a previous user of LR 9.52, I've just completed a clean install of LoadRunner 11, and installed the patches available for LR, VuGen, etc.  For my script under development, I am able to create the DFE chain I need (although the UI does not match the sparse documentation I could find - which mainly consists of the .wmv demonstrating the chain configuration UI).  However, the minimal-to-non-existent documentation for DFE setup/config in general is not the primary issue here.


The issue is:  When I try to record my Web (HTTP/HTML) protocol script, the JSON in my web_submit_data event does not get formatted to XML.


Examining the Generation Log, I see the following:



DFE - NOTIFY: Init: Extension "Base64 Extension" loaded successfully with global settings "Base64Dfe.ini".
DFE - NOTIFY: Init: Extension "HttpHeaders Extension" loaded successfully with global settings "HttpHeadersMap.ini".
DFE - NOTIFY: Init: Extension "Json to Xml Extension" loaded successfully with global settings "".
DFE - NOTIFY: Extension: Prefix/Postfix DFE
Successfully initialized extension from settings file: "PrefixPostfixSettings.ini"
Prefix: ""
Postfix: ""
CaseSensitive: true


Note the empty quotes for the global settings at the end of the "Json to XML Extension" load message.


I looked for the .ini files (such as Base64Dfe.ini) for the other protocols as listed above, and found them in:

      C:\Program Files\HP\LoadRunner\DfeConfig\extensions\Settings


However, there is no global settings .ini file for the Json to XML Extension!  I've looked for it (or what it I am guessing it's name would be) everywhere on the system and install image files. No joy.


I do see the JsonXmlDfeConfig.ini file, in the C:\Program Files\HP\LoadRunner\DfeConfig\extensions folder.  However it's global settings file is nowhere to be found. 


Examining the contents of the JsonXmlDfeConfig.ini file, it contains the line below:




So it is pointing to...nothing.


All the other xxxDfeConfig.ini files have the ExtensionGlobalSettings line point to a global config file in the \Settings subfolder.  The JsonXmlDfeConfig.ini file is the only one that does not. 


Without this global settings file, I am dead in the water and under great time-pressure.  Anyone know where I can find this file?  Anyone else seen this issue? Was this ever working?  Help!!







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