scripting for Kerberos authentication

Dear Friends,

We are using VUGen 9.50 and LR 9.51. VU gen server is Windows 2003 SP2. We are planning to do a load test on new portal environment which is Kerberos based authentication. The Portal user id's are SCC1001 to SCC1100 and the password is same for all these users. We are logging into Vugen Windows server with a different user id(domain is same for both windows server as well as portal servers).

I have recorded the script with Web(http/html) protocol and in the runtime settings, i set the
Internet Protocol->Preferences->Options->Authentication->Enable Integrated Authentication
Internet Protocol->Preferences->Advanced->WinInet [checked]:

The generated script already contains web_set_user function. But it recorded the user as windows server and not the portal login user id, so I changed this to portal user. Is it correct?

I have recorded a small script with the below steps
1. Login which loads home page
2. Click on MyWork tab
3. Click on Home tab ( this supposed to load the initial home page)
4. Logoff
When I replay, the step 1 and Step 4 are working properly, but the output of step2 and step3 are not as expected. I did not see any session id's in the script that is passing for the links. But the application is generating session id’s while login

My Questions are :
1 . What changes I should do to enable the script to run with expected behavior
2. I have created a krb5.ini file and kept at c:\windows. Do we need keytab file and if so do we need single file with all 100 users entries or do we need to keep a separate keytab file for each user?
3. Do I need to set any settings in IE6.0?
4. With this scenario, can I do load test with 100 users from single loadgen?