Performance Center- Validate scripts error during execution start

On PC 11 we get message- Step Name: validate script Description: Init Run- validate scripts - failed.

Any idea what may be going wrong?


We are using Java protocol script and they work fron from Vugen.


Just now issue got resolved by creating copy of a scenario that was working earlier and uploaded new scripts.

  • good to hear you got the issue resolved.

    One such thing I have noticed is that the Java based scripts often are fussy about the naming.

    Do not save an old script with a new name. If needed, try saving with the same name in a different folder.

    Funnier, the script will replay fine on vugen with the changed name, but errors out on the controller.




  • Verified Answer

    Another thing I have seen with these type of scripts and others that use files that have been added in order to get it to replay is that those attachments were not added to the script and fails to verify, and having to re upload maybe needed.



    Mario M.