UNK files downloading while VuGEN relay

Hi Experts,


I am trying to record a VuGEN script for a  tool called WebNow6.

Please suggest what protocols or combinations of protocols i should use to record WebNow6 under VuGEN 11.04.


The WebNow tools is accessed using a URL in internet explorer, which(I think) executes some *.jar files, and then a web-interface opens. I expand a tree in that interface and try to open a document present in the right hand pane.


I tried to record the script using Web(http/html) and Windows Sockets. The script is created now but not sure it is fully functioning. The issue is mentioned below:-


1)  While replaying the script in VuGEN, it seems  *.jar doesn't gets executed. It instead ask for some file download (.UNK extension of file). Can anybody tell me what to do with these UNK files?


2) Also, The protocols that i have selected are correct or not, how can i know this? Is the above mentioned way is correct to record such applications.


I need to solve this urgently. Looking for the response ASAP.


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  • Java Over HTTP could be an option.



    Mario M

  • That is clearly a Java over HTTP model of application

    Includes technologies like JAVA RMI, IIOP, CORBA etc.

    You should be using the JAVA Record Replay.... beware this is not the easiest of protocols in LR :)

    You willl be learning some JAVA soon :)


    Option 1: Try IEXPlore type of scripting, where the exe is Iexplore and URL is provided.

    See if it works. Else move on to the option below.


    Option 2: You should be starting with the url and see if it downloads just jar files or a JNLP file.

    This JNLP file should have information to start up the classes and application.

    Using the information in there, you would need to create a batch file and then record using type "Executable / Batch"