Error occurred during recording: The Memory Read - WINSOC protocol - loadrunner



I have a windows application (Thick client) developed in I am trying to develop the load runner script launch the application and run close successfully.

Process followed:

I used protocol advisor to find the different protocols that should be used for recording. It detected the COM/DOM, Win socket,, Web (HTML) and Web service protocols 
Note: I am new to WINSOC and COM/CDCOM protocol

I tried working with all of them individually. But during  recording I found that it records to some extent (few events) and hangs up (no further progress).

Then I started using the multiple protocol COM/DOM, Win socket and Web (HTML) [Could not use because the protocol does not showup in multiple protocol list]. It is good that the application is launched successfully.  But during the launch I got some internal memory error (attached as csc .exe error image file). When I click on OK, load runner continues in recording and finishes loading all events.

During replay, it again produces the below error:

vuser_init.c(30): lrs_receive(socket1, buf7)
vuser_init.c(30): Mismatch in buffer's length (expected 571 bytes, 0 bytes actually received, difference in 571 bytes)
vuser_init.c(32): lrs_send(socket1, buf8)
vuser_init.c(32): Error : socket1 - Software caused connection abort. Error code : 10053.

Can someone help me in solving this issue.