Loadrunner - SAP BI- BEX analyser


Currently we are trying to test SAP BI application. we need to test BEX (Business explorer) analyser.
The steps are as follows,
1. Open Bex Analyser. ( opens excel with bex toolbar)
2. Connect and Login to SAP server
3. Select roles and report that needs to be generated.
4. Select year and other data.
On OK, it generates report.

We need to verify the performance during this process when multiple users perform the above action.
Could any one please help me in this if they have done anything like this ?
I tried all the protocols but no luck :(
Help please,
  • You tried SAPGUI and SAP-Web? Were you able in either event to see recorded actions?

    You might want to refer to the VUgen Manual, Chapter 66, "Developing SAPGUI Vuser Scripts" and Chapter 68, "Developing SAP-Web Vuser Scripts". There is quite a bit of recording setup to undertake.
  • Hi James,
    I have tried All SAP protocols, COM/DCOM, Web, VB, Windows socket.. all possible protocols I have tried. But nothing seems to be working. None of the protocol rocord anything. 0 events recorded.
    Is there any way for doing this scenario ?
    Thanks in advance.
  • Your Developer needs to setup script enabling in SAP server side. Then only LR records the events. Read the User Guide to know how do you setup it.

    If you are using IE browser, use SAP web otherwise use SAP GUI. You can also try with SAP (Click and Script). You do not have to use other protocols such as COM/DCOM etc.

    If you have further question, please provide details of SAP version.

    The bottomline is read the User guide for clear instructions. You can also try Knowledgebase to get a instruction document to record SAP protocols.

  • Hi Ashwini,

    As i undestud your problem..u need to achvie the BW/BI report performance right. so.. you can take the Quiry Technical name and pass it under Open query and clikc on transfer....i dnt think u have to go through SAP GUI to achive this.

    it will work if you user web(HTTP/HTTPS) protocal..


  • Hi Ashwini,


    Were you able to solve tis issue? I am facing the same issue with Bex analyzer where I am seeing 0 events getting recorded with Winsock. So if you can find anj answer to this problem, do send me a not at atrayeebis@gmail.com.


    Thanks and Regards,

    Atrayee Biswas