default user cannot login on PC11.50 Server after deployment with 66 warnings

The default user "IUSR_METRO" cannot login on PC11.50 server after deployment with 66 warnings. It seems some files lost in installer, Software_PC_11.50_Windows_Installation_T7330-15023.iso, which is downloaded from HP website.


I've installed the server on a virtual machine with Windows 2008 R2 64-bit. The user I loged in is already in administrators group.


All the prerequisite softwares were installed and configured. 


The installation folder is "C:\HP\Performance Center Server\".


There was no error or warning popup box during installation.


The user "IUSR_METRO" was generated in user list and it was in administrators group.


Rebooted system after installed server.


Tried to login on server by "">http://localhost/LoadTest". Error message after "Authenticate" button is "Unable to login. General error has occurred."


Please see attached for log file and screen snapshot.