PC vs Sitescope integration.

Hello world,


1.   I have a sitescope 11.20 and PCvsALM 11.50. I have the following error in the system health of Lab Management -


19:31:39  Error:  A problem was encountered while checking the following SiteScope server: http://10.x.x.x:8080/SiteScope
19:31:39  Error:  The following problem was encountered: SiteScope internal error. Please contact your administrator.

Why is it happened? Where can i find a guide for PC vs Sitescope integration?


2. Also I have a following time synchronization error in system health:


The task was terminated due to the following Exception: The clocks on the ALM Platform, Performance Center server, and database server must always be synchronized


But all clocks on all servers are the same. Where is a problem?


3. I have 3 PC Hosts in my infrastructure, but only one is appeared in system health status, and I can't choose any more.

Where could be a problem?