How to script Oracle request with VUGen ?

Hi all,

I need help on scripting oracle requests with VUGen. I've seen some Oracle protocols available in VUGen : Oracle (2-Tier), Oracle NCA, Oracle Web Applcations 11i, Siebel Oracle ....
But only ODBC seems to be the right protocol.

I've installed sqlplus on my workstation and I need to record some selects on my database. But I failed to record anything. The Start Recording ask me for Win32 Applications (Program to record, ... Working directory) and when I launch sqlplus or sqldeveloper, VUGen didn't record any instruction. Evenif the requests are running well and displaying information on my database (so oraclesid, login, passws are good)

Have you an exemple or a howto guide that may explain me all the steps to record Oracle 9 and 10 selects ?

Thanks a lot for your help,
Georges Lima