License Error for SAPGUI vuser in LoadRunner


I am trying to run my SAPGUI protocol script(a simple script with logon only) from controller and getting 'You do not have a license for this Vuser type. Please contact HP
Software to renew your license.'.Checked the license (temporary), and can see it includes SAPGUI vuser type. For safer side, checked licenses both on controller and load generator and they both are eligible to run SAPGUI 250 vusers. So definitely it is not an issue with license.

We have the SAP CRM (R/3) gui on which I recorded the script and it run fine with on vugen.
But there is one thing i have noticed - when I used to Protocol advisor to check best suitable for the application (pointed SAP to Logon pad exe and did some transaction on GUI), it says to use COM/DCOM,Windows Sockets,Listing Directory Service (LDAP) combination which I am not sure of. So now bit confused. Ideally it should select SAPGUI.
Please help. Attached init part of the script for ref.