LR and QTP

Hi All,

Can I run QTP code via LoadRunner? For example: There is a LR script, can I integrated the LR script with some QTP code and run it via LR.
Important: the new script will not require QTP license and it possible to run more the one profile (via BPM) simultaneously.

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    QTP code is in VB Script. VuGen does support VB Script vuser. You may have to figure out how to use some QTP-specific VBS libraries (if any), but other than that there shouldn't be any major problems.
  • Hi Michael

    Also can I ask why you want to change over the code from QTP to Vugen? As QTP is only used if Vugen is not capable of properly scripting an application, well atleast in my environment.

  • Hi Mario,

    There is some good reasons for us to combine LR script with some elements from QTP.
    1. LR doesnâ t need license. We can run the script from different location without installing QTP, which does require license.
    2. By using LR, we can run several scripts simultaneously.

    On the other hand, QTP allows better application recording than Vugen. This is why we want to use LR with QTP elements.

  • I am also having some problem related to this. can you help me.
    I am working on web based application.
    QTP doesnt work on my application, as we upload images in the canvas and drag and drop images on canvas from our gallery and QTp is not able to read it, and in it there are some java scripts also involved.

    Load runner runs smoothly.

    Is there any other tool which can solve my problem of QTP, or can I make any changes in QTP to run it.
    I need to do automation, but its becoming very difficult.

    Thanks a lot in advance.