LoadRunner error 26000

I am running LR 9.5 on a Windows 2003 server that has 4 gb of memory.

I am testing the latest version of PeopleSoft.

When I play back my scripts consistently with the extended log settings, and intermittently with the standard log, I get error 26000s, with error messages for incorrect string length.

Changes I made:

1) I changed the LR run time settings for javascript runtime memory size to use 2047 kbytes of memory,

2) Java Script Stack Memory to use 128kb of memory.

3) Windows>Properties>Advanced>Processor Schedule-for programs

4) Memory Usage for Programs instead of System Cache

5) Virtual Memory - system managed

6) I know my next step is to tweak memory settings in the registry based on a MicroSoft KB article on out of memory.


1) does my LR Controller, at 4 GB, have enough physical memory to play back LR scripts that have javascript code in them?

2) should tweaking the registry fix the problem?

3) are there any other steps I can take to fix the errors?


Marc Moskovits