Login credentials for server metrics

I am trying to create a LoadRunner scenario across network domains. My LR controller is in Domain 1 while the Application Server and SQL DB Servers are on Domain 2.

While adding graphs and measurements to the scenario, the Windows Resources graph appears to have no trouble pulling the server metrics. However, on the SQL Server graph, I am not receiving any data for any of the measurements which have (SQL Server) shown.

Is it possible to assign specific login credentials for the SQL Server metrics?
  • Try with the controller permon first.

    Check SQL server about trusts. Even on the same domain there is some SQL server security setup to make perfmon work for anyone. The specific error message would appear in event viewer on the SQL machine or the monitoring machine. Something about SQL server and a setting either to trust a machine without login or perfmon needs a specific sql user setup for it. The error message from event view helps point you to the specific solution.