Loadrunner 9.51 tcpdump issue



I would like to capture the traffic of a web service host in order to create a web-service load test.


The host is running on CentOS5.3, and use the tcpdump tool to create the capture file:


/usr/sbin/tcpdump -s 0 -e -w dumpfile.cap


I create a new WebServices test script in Loadrunner VuGen 9.51:

Opening the dump file with VuGen's Analyse Traffic function fails, and I receive the following error messages:

"Could not open file"
"16-bit application recording is not supported"


The error message is a bit strange, considering that it should work from a network capture file...


I checked the dump file with /usr/sbin/tcpdump -r dumpfile.cap -X , and it contains the captured traffic.


Have you got experience with webservice traffic capturing?

Any proposal is welcome : - )

PS: retested with VuGen 9.52. The same issue is experienced.

  • Hi

    This is because your app is 16 bits, only LoadRunner 9.1 support this, use another application or downgrade to Loadrunner 9.1



  • Hi,


    I do not completely undestand this...


    What I do is this:

    1. I am creating my network capturing on a 64 bit Linux with the OS' tcpdump tool.
    2. Then I take over the captured file to VuGen, and open it with the "Analyse Traffic" button which is presented for "Web Service" projects.

      How does 16-bit recording comes into play? I am not intending to record any Windows applications :D


    I guess you had some luck and success using the VuGen's Traffic analyser.
    What were the steps you made?


    BTW: do you know where can the OS-specific lrtcpdump be found? The help says it's in the bin directory of the VuGen, however it contains only the one for Windows.


    >> "The VuGen command line utility, lrtcpdump, is located in the product's bin directory. There is a separate utility for each of the platforms: lrtcpdump.exe (Windows), lrtcpdump.hp9, lrtcpdump.ibm, lrtcpdump.linux, and lrtcpdump.solv4."


    Thank you for your help