webtop 6.5 sp3 not working with UCF

Hello every one

Currently I am working on webtop 6.5 sp3 project; I have done scripting for these scenarios without UCF .
1. Login to webtop
2. Quick search
3. Advance Quick Search

I have to do scripting for “Importing” a document, like that we have to do export a document , check in and check out. When you do these actions UCF comes into place.

I have followed the LR sample script documentation and started to record a script from scratch. As suggested by tool kit I imported doc.corr file for autocorrelation. Still i am facing error and unable to proceed further.

1 Error -26377: No match found for the requested parameter "ReqId2_98". Check whether the requested boundaries exist in the response data. Also, if the data you want to save exceeds 1024 bytes, use web_set_max_html_param_len to increase the parameter size

Can you guys help me in fix this issues. Is there any other alternative way .

Thanks in advance
  • Play back your script with extended logging data returned from server. Review the playback log for the command where this web reg save param is located. Find the boundaries and determine how many characters make up the parameter that the script is trying to capture. Like the error message says if it is more that 1024 you need to add the set parm length command to the top of your script to ensure that the buffer is large enough to hold the data. If you cannot find the boudaries you will need to determine if the call is failing for some reason or why exactly the data that the script is looking for is not returned on playback.