HP Diagnostics EJB metrics configuration for JBoss


I am exporting performance data in an external database using HP Diagnostics. I want to include in the list of collected metrics details regarding EJBs. For this, I have included the

configuration in my query.

However, the EJB metrics are not collected. Looking in the metrics.config file (located in the etc folder) I've noticed that the Enterprise beans metrics that can be exported in the database are configured only for Websphere.

The metrics are not collected in the case of my application because it is running in JBoss.

Does anyone have any idea which are the needed configurations so that I can enable EJB metrics export in an external DB if using JBoss?

Any help is appreciated.
  • I assume you are referring to exporting metrics via the data export function on the commander that is configured in the data-export-config.xml file?

    First the exporter can only export what the probe is reporting.. So you need to make sure what you are looking for is available in the enterprise UI.. Or, I prefer to bring up the profiler interface on the probe and look at what is available on the metrics tab to make sure that what I am looking for is being reported.

    As for adding EJB metrics from Jboss.. As of the 8.02 version of the probe, HP added an 'Available metrics' dumping facility that can be used to author new entries for the metrics.config file.

    In the metrics.config file you will find an entry:

    # Turn on to dump the available metrics of each collector
    # to text files in the probe log directory.
    #default.dump.available.metrics = true

    Just uncomment that line for about 5 minutes while the probe is running and it will create a text file in the ../log/{probe_name} directory that lists all of the metrics your JVM has available.

    You can then use that file along with the instructions for custom metrics entries in the documentation and the header of the metrics.config file to formulate your EJB entries.

    also those WAS entries can be a resource as far as syntax examples go.