How to install VUGEN11...Is it Software_Load_Generator_11.00_T7330_15010.iso???

How to install VUGEN11...Is it Software_Load_Generator_11.00_T7330_15010.iso???

I cannot see execute T7330_15010.iso

I need to install VUGEN11..

In T7330_15010.iso ,there are only and .sh type file...

How can I update to VuGen11..I need to record web that have ajax sctipt ^^
  • Please follow below procedure dor load runner 11

    1. Copy both (1,561,470KB) and Software_HP_LoadRunner_11.00_T7177_15013.z01 (1,843,200KB) files under same folder.
    When both of them are downloaded, you should be able to see the files as
    Software_HP_LoadRunner_11.00_T7177_15013.z01 - When try to download this file, it still saves as by default and might replace original - Make sure to save this file as .z01
    2. Using winrar, extract the .zip file (> It will automatically refer to z01 file as well.
    3. This will create .iso file ( file size 4,212,288KB).
    4. Use Winrar to extract the s/w from iso file (Requires another 4 GB of space).
    5. Double click on setup.exe under the main folder for installation.
    6. Make sure to have adequate space.

    Please let me know if this works
  • Software_HP_LoadRunner_11.00_T7177_15013.z01

    How to open this file ???
  • Before I install Software_HP_LoadRunner_11.00...

    Have I to remove Software_HP_LoadRunner_9.5???
  • If I to remove Software_HP_LoadRunner_9.5..

    Can I use license of Software_HP_LoadRunner_9.5 for both VUGEN & Controller in Software_HP_LoadRunner_11??
  • Hi,

    You need to involve HP to move your license from 9.5 to 11.

    Note down the host id of LR 9.52 and LR 11.0 machine respectively.
    HP issues license based on the host id of the machine.
    So your new license will be generated for the LR 11.0 box.
  • Deas SPCC

    Can I record Script in VuGen11 in VMWare and then use this script to Load in Controller LoadRunner9.5

    I am not sure about network...

    Actually my webpage has Ajax Html Protocal...but I use IE7 in Record Scipt...

    Can I use AjaxTrue Record Script in Vugen11 and then use Controller LoadRunner9.5 to load ???
  • Hi,
    To run Ajax tru client script in Controller you would need Rich Internet application bundle license,which is available in LR 11.

    Vugen and Controller should be on the same version.
    To suggest a solution,

    You should record your script in IE7 on vugen 11 and execute scenarios on Controller 11 as well.
    you might want to move to LR 11, provided you study the benefits and limitations...