Performance testing MS Project Server with Loadrunner

We are migrating data to Project Server 2007 (Which is a Microsoft project management tool). So we need to test the performance of Project Server after migration. There are 3 main parts in our application 1) Project Server in which all the details of projects belongs. 2)Website which is the interface for the client through which he can view/edit the project details 3)Project Professional which is installed in the client machine. Whenever a client select a project for modification, it will open in the Project Professional in his system. After modification it will save in Project Server.

The communication between Website and Project Server is HTTP. From the architecture diagram I assume that the communication between website and project professional is HTTP/SOAP

My questions are:
1)The selected project in the website will be opened in the Project professional. How we can record this transaction by VUgen? What protocol I should use?

2)After opening and modification the project in the Project Professional save it to Project Server. How we can record this transaction by VUge? What protocol I should use?

Please share your thoughts.....