Not able to monitor GC,Memory,Thread Pool and so on for weblogic using sitescope 11.10


I am trying to monitor web logic 10.3 using Sitescope 11.10 JMX.

After doing all prerequisites, I have added a new group -> added new JMX monitor and provide JMX URL and click on getcounters

Its displaying mbeans but in that I am unable to find counters related to memory , threads, and so on

Do you have any idea how to configure these counters?

Thanks in advance
  • As of my knowledge, memory statistics can be collected using the "heap free size and heap free current" counters and i dont think that we have counters to monitor the GC. Instead go to the Server console--> Performance tab and you can view the server throughput and the heap memory statistics over there. You also have a Forced garbage collector button inorder to invoke the GC. I am not really sure whether i have given a solution for your question, just sharing my idea.