Attaching Java Diagnostics to a Java 6 JRun instance causes "Could not find agent library"

Hi Guys,
I recently started using HP Diagnostics profiler for Java and it is working great on Weblogic 8 (Java 4) and Weblogic 10 (Java 6).

However - i simply cannot get it to start with a JRun server.

I have edited test_jvm.config as attached.

The error is as follows

"Error occurred during initialization of VM
Could not find agent library on the library path or in the local directory: instrument"

If i perform

"java -javaagent:/export/home/apache/mercury/DiagnosticsAgent/lib/probeagent.jar"

on ANY of my 3 installed JVM's the command succeeds and i can see the profiler starting.

It must be the way JRun forks the JVM process.

According to some posts i found - the error may mean that is not on the LD_LIBRARY_PATH, but i added it and it made no difference. Also, thats a basic library that should be loaded by default.

No JRun forums contained any information that helped...

ANY help appreciated!
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