what is ment by "Total Throughput (bytes)" & "Average Throughput (bytes/second)"

i have generated the analysis report using the “Load-runner Analysis” tool, and i found these two parameters in the report:-
1.Total Throughput (bytes)
2.Average Throughput (bytes/second.
So what exactly do these values mean?

and my second question is ; i made some modifications to enhance the performance for my J2EE application, and i have generated two reports -one on the old application and the other one on the enhanced application- to check if the performance been enhanced and i have noted that the above two values have been increased when I run the scenario after i applied the new enhancement on the application, so does this give me an indication that the performance been enhanced?
  • From the analysis user guide:

    ****The Throughput graph shows the amount of throughput on the server
    during each second of the load test scenario run. Throughput is measured in
    bytes and represents the amount of data that the Vusers received from the
    server at any given second. This graph helps you evaluate the amount of
    load that Vusers generate, in terms of server throughput. You can compare
    this graph with the Average Transaction Response Time graph to see how
    the throughput affects transaction performance.****

    If you ran the same test and you are able to push more throughput my guess is that your application is performing better (able to process more transactions).

    You should also look at the Transaction Summary to compare the number of transactions processed during a set amount of time between the two runs and also the response times. The transaction response times should have improved as well.