Citrix/Https: Multiprotocol(LR 9.52) not recording on Citrix

Iam trying to record with Loadrunner 9.52 on Citrix V11.0.0.5357, But no code is generated for the same.The last function i could see in the loadrunner script is "ctrx_nfuse_connect", after that no code is generated.
Could any one suggest me how to solve the above issue
  • Exactly this issue HP Support resolved for me - spent first week to try to configure these products and changing web- to full Citrix client 11 but only using Citrix client 10 delivered directly from support helped me. They said that Citrix 11 is too buggy for LR:) Steps: configuring proxy mapping in LR. And OFF for DEP. And patching. Better to connect to support.
    They sent you a manual (Troubleshooting guide for Citrix.doc, 2004) and other recommendations and can help you with personal configuring. Off course, you need sure that SSL and video just right configuring first:) And try to check ICA-file. HP Support - you are the Best!
  • Victor, could you please explain which SSL settings you are configuring to make this work with Citrix?

  • SSL:
    1. We've known that SSL used 128-bit SSL via 443 port for our Citrix server. Changed parameters in LR.
    2. Defined ip for Citrix server in port mapping and checked-up only the box for the server.
    3. Try to record script with full log and have known that SSL version is TLA and some details. Changed port mapping again.
    Some general details were described above.
    Think, it'll work for you too.
    Best, Victor

  • Hi,

    Right now I am able to record Citrix VuGen Scripts with multiple protocols.

    Stepsâ ¦

    In order to record Citrix VuGen scripts on Vugen 9.52,
    we have to install Citrix ICA version ICA-Client-7.00.17534. (At least I tried with this version :))

    Note: After installing Citrix ICA version ICA-Client-7.00.17534, please restart your computer.

    In ICA client properties you need to give user name password and Citrix server IP address and see if you are able to connect to Citrix server.

    Open VuGen-> Select Multiple Protocol-> In that select Ajax, Citrix as the protocols-> Click Create.
    In start recording-> Give the URL address-> click ok.
    Now you can see VuGen Recording tool bar for recording eventsâ ¦
    After login-> Click Citrix Console -> it will automatically launch Citrix ICA client. Please monitor for record events on VuGen Record tool bar.

    Have a nice Scripting :)

    Let me know if you have any questions... please let me know.