Facing problem while replying using web click& script and Ajax click & script

My application has been developed in .net framework using Ajax.


.net frame work--- 3.5
Ajax (The data filtering in application (e.g. DUNDAS Chart and RAD Controls), client side activities)

Functionality:- I am performing some transactions for each and every action made a web service call to server and fetch the data into .png file (here png file is dynamic)

But it’s not refreshing the entire page only it’s refreshing the .png file in some transactions I need to open date calendar also according my date request png file is getting refresh

Till now I recorded this application using web (Http/Html), Web (click&script), ajax(click&script)

Web (Http/Html):- I am not able to see all the content refreshed png files in runtime viewe,r log addressing cannot download activex controllers use Ajax protocol.

Web (click & script):- I am able to record but while replying, png files are not downloading to browser, in run time viewer page appearing with out png file.

Ajax (click&scirpt):- same like web click script

My question is whether load runner 9.1 supports Dundas chart and Rad controls.

I have Ajax license also