How to correlate UUID

My code looks as below:
"EncType=text/xml; charset=utf-8",

there is a correlation id in the request which is not a part of any response, in such an event how to correlate the id? also if this is nothing but the uuid then how do i embed the code for generation of UUID in the above custom request?
  • Hi SriRupa,

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    UUID is strong secure token which cannot be simuated from normal correlation in VuGen. As per the global standard, UUID is based on the application defined algoritham as per the previous request in the application flow. It is close to impossible correlating this value without the help from security team & application algoritham designers. So follow the below procedure to complete this task.

    1. First of all verify if the correlation ID is mandatory variable to passed in this request. If not you can simply bypass this.

    2. If it is mandatory, verify with the application development team & application owner for the possibility of disabling this verification temporarily, if the end objective is to measure the performance of the application.

    3. If not possible, work with application development team to reuse the UUID alogarithm to simuate the correlation ID in this request.

    Hope this gives you more clarity. if you still have any issues after doing so, do let me know. Please donot forget to assign points to the ITRC responses if the answer helps you in any passion.