ViewState error in Controller

I am working on a .NET application and have recorded a script using Web(HTTP/HTML) protocol. I observe ViewStates from the application and have done Manual Correlation to capture each individual ViewState to pass it onto the next transaction. When i run the script in VuGen i do not see any error on the replay log. I have run the script for numerous iterations and i did not observe any failures. But when i run the same script on Controller, i start seeing errors related to ViewState mentioning "Please check the boundaries for the ViewState". Can someone please suggest any idea to overcome this problem?
  • hi Paraq Pattankar,,,

    I hope this HP help will work for you: try this things

    While a script is checked out, Quality Center users can run the previously checked-in version of your script. For example, suppose you check out version 1.2.3 of a script and make a number of changes to it and save the script. Until you check the script back in to the version control database as version 1.2.4 (or another number that you assign), Quality Center users can continue to run version 1.2.3.

    When you have finished making changes to a script and you are ready for Quality Center users to use your new version, you check it in to the version control database.

    When you check a script back into the version control database, Quality Center deletes the script copy from your checkout directory and unlocks the script in the database so that the script version will be available to other users of the Quality Center project.

    To check in the currently open script:

    1) Confirm that the currently open script is checked out to you.
    2)Select File > Quality Center Version Control > Check In. The Check In dialog box opens.
    3) Accept the default new version number and proceed to step 7, or click the browse button to specify a custom version number. If you click the browse button, The Edit Check In Version Number dialog box opens.
    Modify the version number manually or using the up and down arrows next to each element of the version number. You can enter numbers 1-900 in the first element. You can enter numbers 1-999 in the second and third elements. You cannot enter a version number lower than the most recent version of this script in the version control database.
    Click OK to save the version number and close the Edit Check In Version Number dialog box.
    If you entered a description of your change when you checked out the script, the description is displayed in the Comments box. You can enter or modify the comments in the box.
    Click OK to check in the script. The script closes and automatically reopens as a read-only file.