Issue Scripting BOXI R3 application in Vugen - HELP!

Greetings all -

I am searching for a solution to an issue that I have encountered doing some scripting for a BOXI R3 (Business Objects Enterprise 3.0) upgrade we are doing.

I have recorded one script, which is for scheduling a Web Intelligence report instance and I have correlated all the dynamic values that seem relevant, auto-correlation engine is not finding anything outside of what I have discovered, all values appear to be grabbed properly by the web_reg_save_param but when I run my script, 3 out of 10, sometimes 4 out of 10 times it works, the rest fail with a "403 Forbidden - Trust Token Failed" error.

Any ideas would be appreciated, I am at a loss for why it would work sometimes but not others....the value in question is designated as 'bttoken' in the submit or at least I think that is the culprit.

Thanks in advance!

See error below :

Error 403: Trust Token failure. URI[/PlatformServices/jsp/Shared_InstanceTitle/instanceTit
Action.c(1818): le.faces] Value [000D\\QgWbjcf[8TQ1fYZ2MX<0;E>_d90] Message[BOE
Action.c(1818): Trust Token filter failed.message [Invalid Token]]\n