Seeking help for Batch Job Recording using with Load Runner Tool

Hi Everyone,
This is Rao and i am working as performance tester.

My project is retail domain (i.e. Ecommerce application), in my project 5 interfaces are there and volumes of data (transactions) will be move through a middleware (Informatica/Jcaps) on a daily basis from one interface to another interface through a batch job.

I am facing few problems in my project those are in below.

1.Is it possible to record the batch jobs through a load runner tool? If possible recording what is the process of recording the scripts? And what protocol will support for batch jobs recording?

2.If not possible to record the batch jobs using the load runner tool what is the alternative solution to do performance testing?

I am seeking your help to resolve the above mentioned problems please help me.

Please let me know if you need any additional information.