Wininet and Socket Level Data

Why/When do we use Wininet or Socket level data for recording scripts ??
  • The Windows Sockets protocol is ideal for analyzing the low level code of an application. For example, to check your network, you can use a Windows Sockets (WinSock) script to see the actual data sent and received by the buffers.

    The WinSock type can also be used for recording other low level communication sessions. In addition, you can record and replay applications that are not supported by any of the other Vuser types
  • Thanks Shiva for your reply.
    In recording options -> Network->Port Mapping-> Capture level data there are three options:
    a) Socket Level Data
    b) WinInet Level Data
    c) Socket Level and WinInet Level data

    I would like to know when/why do we use the two different options for scripting.

    Had been better if i could get a more clear answer.