Abnormal termination, caused by mdrv process termination: .net protocol

Our test has suddenly started receiving this error on one of the remote load generators. It still runs fine from another remote load generator that is configured the same, same hardware/OS, etc.

The test is using the .NET protocol, Perf Center version 9.52 on both the LG and controller.

I tried running the test as a process (versus thread), cleaned up the C drive (there was over 100GB free anyway), defragged, and finally reinstalled LG software.

If anyone has any ideas or needs further info to give ideas - please let me know.
  • Try checking the system/application log in system event viewer on that remote machine for mmdrv.exe also check the log for that remote load generator by right clicking on the load generator icon in system tray.

    What error message is show in event log at Performance center Admin site for that run
  • There is nothing in the application log or in the Admin site. The Agent log shows the following two errors appearing about every hour over and over:
    09/03/2010 21:48:31 Error: Communication error: The Client failed to send packet. The socket has been shut down. [MsgId: MERR-10343]
    09/03/2010 21:48:31 Error: Two Way Communication Error: Function two_way_comm_post_message / two_way_comm_post_message_ex failed. [MsgId: MERR-60990]
  • Are you getting this error consistently?
    Are this errors reflected in your load test I mean are some transactions failing because of this error?
    What is the RAM size and how many users are you running on that LG. This may be a memory issue as well
    Are you able to ping to and fro between controller and that LG on the specified communication port. Time being to resolve this issue try switching off the firewall on that LG.

    Running the agent as process will consume hell lot of memory and will only add up to the issue

    If nothing is working out let me I would like to resolve this issue without gng for reinstallation :)


  • Thanks for your help!. Those two errors are appearing consistently in the agent log on the LG - but nowhere else.

    The Vusers only get "abnormal termination error, caused by mdrv process" error and this happens no matter how many Vusers are running on the LG and with every transaction(even just 1).

    Normally, we run the test with Vusers as thread and still recieve this error on this LG.

    There is no firewall enabled on the LG and it is not a remote OFW setup. We are able to ping the LG successfully from the controllers.

    Machine specs: 2014 MB memory, dual 2.66GHz core2 duo
  • Two things you can try out now

    Check "Enable terminal services" in Agent configuration and run the test


    Copy a working mmdrv from other working LG's to the one which is giving problem. I mean overwrite the problematic(I suspect) mmdrv.exe with the new one.

    Imran J
  • I didn't find a .exe file, but i did find a .dll

    It is the exact same file (date, size) as on an LG that works - but i will replace anyway and enable terminal services and try it again.

    Will update soon...
  • Any update on this thread? I have the same issue. Many Thanks