File not downloading during loadtest

Hi All,
I want to script for a website, which requires downloading a file. On replaying it each time from my system, the file gets downloaded and i can check the downloaded file. But while running the test, the file is not getting downloaded. I am very much sure abt this because the size of the file is quite big and the downloading time will be quite high which i am not seeing during the test.I am also not seeing any error during the replay of the script.I am using LR 9.52 on WInXP(SP3). The website from where i am downloading the file is a secure site(https). The protocol i am using is Web (HTTP / HTML). Any suggestions to solve this issue would be appreciated.

  • Hi, I experienced the similar issue during uploading the file to the website. Usually the file is taking long time due to its size and is not being uploaded during load test. This issue is due to having no access to the location from where the file is getting picked to upload.

    Please make sure that the LoadGenerator machine has access to download and save the file to the path specified by you in your script. Login into the LG machine directly and see whether the specified path is accessible or not.

    One more thing is the time taken to download manually and via LG machine varies during load test and can be ignored. But make sure that the file is getting downloaded by verifying in the provided path.
  • Thanks for ur suggestion. Can you please help me some more. Can you please help me how to mention the path in the script of the load generator for saving the downloaded file.
    I am not aware of this. Consider this is the part of the script which is downloading the file
    "Url=/icons/dircurr.gif", ENDITEM,
    "Url=/icons/sm/c0.gif", ENDITEM,
    "Url=/icons/default.gif", ENDITEM,
    "Url=/abcd.rar?B", "Referer=", ENDITEM,

    It would of great help it you could help me out.
  • Please let me know whether you are asked to provide any destination path to save the downloaded file. If that is the case the path will be automatically recorded in your script. Make sure that your loadgenerator machine has access to that specific path to download and save the file.
  • Just to add to this, I dont see any of the trigger event in the sample script sent by you. There will be a trigger event which downloads the file in the specified path. The Web_url function which you sent talks about accessing a specific page. Try recording script once again and provide the path during recording to save your downloaded file. It gets recorded as an event in your script automatically. Make sure that you select HTML Advanced --> Script containing explicit URLS only or go to URL Recording mode. Thanks.

  • No. There is no specific path where we have to save the downloaded file.While recording the recording the script we saved the file locally.i believe that is the reason why there is no path been mentioned in the script. I ahve also attached the screen shot of the recording optinos that is been currently used. With these settings, when i click on the file, it automatically asks whether to open the file or to save it. On choosing the option to save it, it starts downloading.
    Still, when i am trying to run the script locally each time, the file is getting downloaded on my local, but when i am running the test with the same script, the file is not getting downloaded.
  • It seems that your load generator machine has no access privileges to download a file in the specified path or the path does not exists in the LG machine.
  • Can we mention the path manually where the downloaded file should be saved using some attributes in the script ??