Load Testing IBM FileNet P8

I am trying to do load testing on IBM FileNet P8 Content management software.The part of the software I am currently trying to load test is "Process Workflow Manager". The interface uses Java-applets. I was able to record using the Java-record and Replay protocol (LR 9.1) by including the necessary jar files in the recording options. I was able to record the script in JAVA-RMI, but part of the script where i was looking for data consisted of hex-decimal values (for parameterization purposes), which doesnt help me.

I also used the WinSock protocol. And as expected it trapped everything from download of jar files ,when the application initialised till the point i perfromed the operations on the application. So, during this recording session i found most of the data being communicated as XML.

So, guys can you please suggest me what should be the approach taken for load testing this application? The main intent of this load test is not look at a system wide performance metric, but to collect performance metric from the application layer (for individual jar files).

Also, would appreciate if anyone who has done load tests on FileNet using loadrunner and would share his opinion with me.