How to provide the Load Generator Path on Create Scenerio Wnidow


One of our offshore company have a licensed version of Mercury LoadRunner 8.1. They have installed all the components (including Load Generator, Controller, Analysis & Vugen) on a Microsoft Windows 2003 Server(on-site), and have asked us to install the Vugen in our local machines(here in off-site).

All our (on-site & off-site) systems are conneted under same network. I've created all the Vuser Scripts in my local machine and to connect it to the server machine to generate the load. In create scenario window, I provided the No. of virtual users and on Load Generator box i provided the IP address of the server where the Load Generator/Controller has been installed. When i tired to connect nothing happened, the connection was not established.

Please let me know the exact process of getting connected to the Load Generator Machine.

It would be great if you could also answer the below queries,

1) What is the path that I need to specify on Load Generator text box displayed on create scenario window?
2) Do i have to keep the Controller component open in the server machine, before establishing the connection Vugen machine?

Look forward for your favorable response.

Thanks & Regards,

Rajkumar Paramasivan
  • The process you have followed to Create a load test scenario is correct, if you have Controller on the same machine.

    Try this.
    - Transfer the scripts to the Controller machine.
    - Connect to the Controller machine remotely.
    - Open Controller and create a scenario with the scripts you transferred to Controller machine and specify the LG as localhost or remote LG IP Address.