Performance Test results Analysis

I have executed an 8 hour soak Test with Auto Load Analysis and Auto Collate Results both on, the test ran over night, on returning to the test I was presented with the following message "Parse Command Line Error" "Object reference not set to an instance of an object"
It seem as if all the event and logs file have been produced anf the .eve file from the load injectors are intact, I have tried to re-collate the results via the ;lrr file but the same massage is returned,
  • Copy all eve files from load generator machines to controller (you can get the list of locations from collate.txt in your Results folder on your controller)

    Edit .lrr file with notepad and check to see if it has stop_time flag in it.

    If not than add one with appropriate stop time (unix based time)

    This way you have collated results and you should be ready for analysis