Does the HTTP/HTML recording mode in VuGen correctly handle Multi-part forms? I can record just fine (viewstate and eventvalidation are automatically coorelated too) but the playback always fails regardless of code changes I try. Any thoughts from anyone or references to other posts would be helpful.
Arnie Molde
general Mills, Inc.
Mpls, MN
  • You need to use a web_custom_request to get multipart-forms to work properly. Unfortunately LoadRunner does not detec this automatically so you have to convert the request yourself.

    The easiest way to do this is to:
    - Save the script under a new name
    - Change the recording options under General\Recording and select URL-based-script, click on the URL Advanced... button, select use web_custom_request only
    - From the Tools menu select Regenerate Script
    - Find the post with mulitpart-forms and copy it into your original script