Vugen Not Working after Permissions Change

Our organization just locked down rights on all of our PCs. This broke VuGen, so they added the LR users to a group that is supposed to have Admin rights to our own PCs. However, when I run now I'm seeing the following issues:

1. During the Compile AND when executing the vuser_init, I hear a windows error beep, though no message is displayed.
2. The script hangs in the vuser_end section and I have to stop the run to recover.
3. The wdiff program is giving me the "File no longer available" error, please note there are NO spaces in my path (which is short) or filenames.

These issues are happening on EVERY script I try to use.

As a last resort, I did a complete clean uninstalled and reinstalled vugen (8.1.4) on my PC, but the issues are exactly the same.

I need to know exactly what rights VuGen requires. I'm a power user, but this doesn't seem to help this issue. Does anyone have any other ideas?