GUI v/s HTTP/HTL Scripting

1. Is the Oracle Web Applications 11i protocol using GUI method a stable and reliable protocol? As I have read on various forums that users should refrain from using GUI scripting for large applications. As it works sometimes and at other times it fails on a different machine.

2. The GUI protocol is a very resource intensive protocol, 50 vusers utilise 12% of CPU. So is there anyway by changing, any settings,etc. to make this protocol scalable as we need to run a load test of 1600 concurrent users. Is this possible with GUI scripting using around4-5 machines?

  • Yes, GUI protocol has a bit more foot print compared to traditional html/http protocol. If there is no dynamic values in your application (which we can correlate with ease), I would recommend to go with html/http protocol only.

    There is no way to decrease the footprint, as it takes client machine resources to execute the Java script functions.

  • Thats true, I dont recommend GUI protocol if you are doing a high volume load test.

    In GUI, you are re-using the qtp-scripts and business flows. QTP does an object level recording; LR does protocol based recording.

    I recommend you to try recording your application using Oracle E-Biz protocol (Oracle Web applications 11i protocol and check how it works.

    Let me know, if you have any questions.


    You can probably add few more load generators to inject the 1600 VUsers load.