LoadRunner 9.52 (HTTP/HTML) Stopping applet Issue

Applet is getting stopped automatically even though the applet required fields got loaded successfully (jar....etc) and stoped logging the information.

Application Info:
Basically JRE will get loaded and it will log the client side information in client (LR)/were application is accessed.
Don't have any issues on communication client machine (LR) to server machine and script is working well for server request and response.

Information of script:
HTTP/HTML URL based mode recording.
selected runtime/recording settings and all other prerequisites as follows.

Recording Options --> Network --> Port Mapping Select "Socket level and WinINet level Data"

Runtime Settings:
Runtime Settings --> Preferences --> Selected WinLnet replay instead of sockets option

LR :
Disable firewall, antivirus and Data execution prevention.

JRE Settings:
Control Panel --> Java ---> General ---> Network Settings ----> Use browser Settings
Java ---> Java Tab ---> View ----> selected the version in user tab which application will support.
Java ---> Advanced Tab ---> Debugging ----> enabled all logging levels
Java ---> Advanced Tab ---> Default Java for browser ----> selected the browser which application will support

Installed JDK version which will supported by application/code compiled

Let me know if am missing anything, it will be g8t.