PC 9.5 unable to create runid and result set after load test run

Hi All


We ran a performance test overnight in PC 9.5 but in morning after completion of test, PC 9.5 was unable to create runid and though we completed our test we dont have any report to show it to managment. I checked in Admin site for event logs there it had recorded following exception

Failed Instantiating/Handling _AnalysisManager object.: [ErrCode 0x80070057, Source AnalysisManager AnalysisServerCOM: The parameter is incorrect.] Unable to analyze the load test results.

Has anybody faced this kind of situation and have workaround for it to get the result set back

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    Is your pc host controller also a data processor if so try loggin into that machine and check for logs in event viewer. From the error message it looks like it has failed to analyse the result set this means it was successful in creating atleast the raw results try to check the result in temp directory of your controller.

    Also what is the status of controller and load generators in PC Admin site.

    And one more important note dont run any test through performance center until you are able to retreive performance results of failed load test

  • Hi Imrn,

    As you said it has created rawresults but I am unable to open the file as it is corrupted. Again I have hit the dead end. Is there any other work around apart from it and have you faced this issue before. Can I know the cause for PC not generating runid. I also checked the status of all host in admin and they are operational

  • I had come across the same issue except that in our case RunId was created and rawresults were created but not attached to the Run Id in PC. We were able to extract report successfully from raw results in the following location C:\Program Files\HP\Performance Center\orchidtmp\Results\. @ controller machine.

    What is the state of Test Run at Admin Site.
  • Hi Imran,

    The state of run is "Failed Creating Analysis Data" I picked up the rawresults.zip from the same location as you have mentioned but there its inside a folder which is by name of run id ie 509 in our case. But same runid 509 I am not able to see in PC

  • Try fast recovery option at admin site. Login to admin site and navigate to Test Run select the test run which has failed and click on fast recovery option and after that deallocate all the host for that run

    If this doesnt work out I suggest best to open a ticket with HP.
  • Hi Imran, thanks for your help that option is also not working though we got report prepared through raw results.

    Appreciated your responses in this regard. We have open a ticket with HP, I will update you with findings.