Increment parameter value on Block Iteration

When we add actions under block section, and configure it run 10 iteration. paramerter values referenced in these action files are not updated on each of these iteration.All 10 iteration , parameter holds same value. Why so? how do we solve this problem.
  • don't forget to update or change the way your test data is being utilized.

    Go to the paramer list and select the parameter in question, then set the properties to Select next row: sequential and Update vaue on: Each Iteration.

    if that does not work because of the complexity of the script. use the following funtion to advance the value manually at the start of the iteration or when you want the value to change or advance: lr_advance_param()


  • Hi sanpal,

    the scope of a variable depend on where it is defined, if it's defined in global, it is global for all functions.

    But if variables is defined inside a function, it is only scoped to the function, and each time the function is call, the variable is reinitialised.