J2EE Diagnostics not integrated with J2EE Probe

Hi All,

1. I have installed LR 9.1 Full setup in PC1. I got 10 days validity for Controller.
2. I have installed Diagnostics server 7.0 as Commander mode in PC1.
3. I have not uploaded Diagnostics Licence (I think 10 days we can able to use J2EE Diagnostics)
4. I have installed J2EE Probe 7.0 in application server.

I am trying to configure J2EE Diagnostics under Controller --> Diagnostics --> Configuration --> J2EE Diagnostics, Their I found Select Probe table, The Installed J2EE Probe is not listing here.

How will be the Diagnostics integrated with J2EE Probe, Please help me to solve this issue.

Chinnadurai R
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