How to click on the first row of the results table during replay of Load runner script.


I have recorded a load script which performs a search criteria for the given name ex: David , and once the results obtains clicks on the fist record ex : DAVID MER and opens his details.

Now I need to code, clicking the record at run time, since every time the results defer and gives different names.

So is there any sample code which will perform selection of the first row of the table records in the dyanmic page results?

thanks for the response.
  • Did you meant to post this question to the QTP forums?
    Or maybe you recorded with one of the click and script protocols. I don't have much experience with Click and script scripts, but if that's the case, I can give you some points that might help you solve the issue.

    Since you are dealing with dynamic value coming from the server, you can always use the web_reg_save_param for this( independently of the protocol used); this will capture the first or all mathing values based on the set LB and RB.

    Once you capture the dynamic value you want with this funtion, substitute it with the hard-coded value.

    hope that helped