Anybody have LR 9.51 or 9.52 patch installed??

Had LR 9.50 installed on two machines. Working on a Citrix Web (HTTP/HTML) project.

Had 9.50 on MACHINE 1. Created a script (Citrix WEB). NO CODE. NO NOTHING. Hit the run button. Successful run.

Upgraded from 9.50 --> 9.51 --> 9.52 on MACHINE1. Created a NEW script. NO CODE. Hit the run button. Receive error message about DLL issue.

Had 9.50 on MACHINE 2. Created a script. NO CODE. Hit run. Successful.

Upgraded from 9.50 --> 9.51 on MACHINE2. Same result as MACHINE1 with 9.52 installed.

Does anybody have 9.51 or 9.52 installed and have a few minutes to test on their end? Just create a new script (multi with CITRIX ICA WEB(HTTP/HTML)). Hit the run button and see if you get any errors.

Not sure if I have a bad download of the patch -- or if HP has a bad patch out there. HMMM.