Issues in the Summary Team

We are using performance center (8.1) in performance testing. Recently we added a load injector in to it. Loadgenerator we installed 9.5 version. We can able to connect and run with out any issues.
While doing the analysis we are facing issues in terms of understanding transaction name in summary report. In summary report we are getting numbers instead of transaction names. For your reference we attached a sample of report. Test was executed on 4 load injector. on two load injectors loadrunner version is 9.1 and in other two load injectors version is 9.5. We do not have any issues with 9.1 load injectors. Transaction names are coming properly as shown in the attachment. We are getting numbers instead of names in 9.5 load injectors. We are tried with opening the analysis 9.5 as well. Still we are getting the same issues. Some one can help us to resolve this at the earliest.
  • This is due to the variance in the LG Versions. There are few changes in the LR95 analysis.

    Rule of Thumb: Always maintain and same version (including patches) of Controllers & Load Generators. Indeed different versions of LR & Controller are not supported.
  • I belive if this is version conflict some of my load injectors located in UK also should not work. My controller version is 8.1, one set of loadinjectors version is 9.0 and the others have load injectors version of 9.5. Problem is coming with only 9.5. We are not getting any issues other than transaction names. We can able to script and scripts can uploaded in to performance center, execution is also happening smoothly.

    I do not think this is the version conflict. Could be some other issue.
  • LR95 specifically uses a different way of dealing with transaction names. It generates .map files which is not there in previous versions. We always recommend to have same version of LG & Controller