Zero average response time

Hi Experts,

One of the transactions in our VuGen script takes 0.2 seconds during the standalone run in VuGen.

But, when we run the same script from Controller with 100 vusers, we are getting the below results for response time (sec):

Minimum - 0
Maximum – 0.007
Average - 0
90 percent – 0.007

There is not much code with in this transaction and I think it should give less ART (which is acceptable), but zero seems to be fishy/unbelievable.

Load Runner controller and Load Generator are running on 2 different boxes and they are high end and sophisticated. Apparently, the script should get executed quickly.

Is Load Runner/Analysis rounding it off to the nearest value (zero in this case)?


1. I removed caching using the script run time settings.
2. I have provided with enough test data/parameter files.
3. Script parameter properties are Unique/Each iteration.
4. I verified in the application, the desired effect is taken place on the application because of the script/test run.

Am I missing anything here? What else could be causing zero ART?

Any suggestions/comments would be appreciated.
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