Capture POP UP window in VuGen Scripting

Hi All,
Application Desc: We are having a web application which will give you pop up window after 30 mins of idle time of the application. If you don't perform any action on the application, it will pop up a window asking "Do you like to extend the session" buttons containing "Yes" and "Cancel". If I click on YES, it will take me back to the application.
My issues is, I am not able to record that pop up window. I can't see anything getting updated in Scripting part. Please help me resolving this problem. Thanks in advance

Giri Prasad
  • Hi,

    Depending on how the pop-up has been implemented there may be no actual server request generated by this pop up to record. Are you able to record something if you click "Cancel"?

    Why are you aiming to record a 30 minute timeout pop-up for load testing purposes? Surely this has minimal performance and scalability impact on the application under test.